Splash Studio® is a painting bar. Come on in, grab a drink, and sit down in front of a canvas -- simple as that. Just want to have a drink with us? Great. Want to grab a Mini-Painting and paint for 30 minutes? Awesome.

Splash Artists will teach you everything you need to know about #beerandpaint.

At its core, Splash offers a three-hour experience with a local artist. That artist will guide you through an original painting from our Painting Library, show you tips and tricks, and encourage you to take painting risks you never thought you had the skill to take. You can follow along with our (trendy, cool, hip) artists on staff who will be there to guide the stick-figured-challenged, or you can change up colors and techniques to make it your own. Or, just paint whatever moves you in the moment. We'll be there to get you another drink or more paint whenever you need it. After three hours with us, you'll walk out with a painting you love, and we'll take care of the cleanup.

The best part about Splash is that it was created with Milwaukee in mind. Its location in the heart of the Historic Third Ward arts and cultural district makes it great for date night, girls/guys night out, a private party, or just a "check me out of reality" evening. Its interior feels like a studio loft mixed with a trendy downtown bar, so you always know you're in Milwaukee when you are here. Most importantly, it was created for, and is dedicated to, Milwaukee's own emerging artists. Staff members are local painters, illustrators, photographers, and graphic designers who are bursting with creative energy. Their paintings hang throughout, and the Splash Gallery features their own original collections. Even if you choose to sit at the bar, you'll be inspired just being here.

So sign up for a session or just stop by and have a drink with us. We'd love to show you around and learn about when you used to paint, way back when. There is a canvas waiting here with your name on it... what are you waiting for?